Hey, I’m AJ. I got my start in web development four years ago when I pitched a WordPress site to a local piano shop in exchange for a great deal on my own set of keys. I’ve been hooked ever since. What excites me most about the internet is how quickly you can put your work in front of a global audience. In my spare time, I can usually be found browsing the web, listening to music, or at the bar with some friends. I’m currently seeking a Frontend Developer position where I can help create great user experiences. Feel free to drop me a line in the contact form below!

My Toolkit


Objective: Create a portfolio to showcase my work

Attack Plan: Use Foundation and the Foundation CLI to scaffold out a new, responsive web project. Of course, no web project is complete without the help of Gulp and SASS. Thankfully these two were baked in by default after running the CLI.

Objective: See what all the hype over Bourbon’s Neat is about

Attack Plan: Recreate a fitness template I found online using Bourbon’s Neat grid framework. Neat ditches conventional presentational classes for semantic classes. This results in much cleaner HTML markup. Awesome!


Objective: Revamp Warner Piano’s archaic website

Attack Plan: Put together a hosted WordPress installation with a premium theme from Themeforest. Some of the written content was recycled from their previous site, other content was created from scratch. This project helped me score a great deal on a brand-new Kawai piano.

Objective: Help Dano build an HQ for his music

Attack Plan: Collaborate with Dano on how to best build a place where his fans could stay up to date with his music. WordPress was selected so that he could easily post news updates on a blog. We purchased a theme from Themeforest and organized Dano's content across the pages.



Objective: Create a video summary for my Drexel group’s senior design project

Attack Plan: Harness the power of Adobe’s After Effects to create a great looking presentation. Premiere Pro was then used to stitch together the presentation and live video demonstration. The final presentation was narrated over and synced up to the on-screen animations. (We got an A! )


Objective: Create a training video series to teach people to use WordPress

Attack Plan: Plan a course outline. Use Adobe’s After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Photoshop to create media-rich courses. Narrate the videos with my Blue Snowball Mic. (note: I wasn’t able to obtain this domain name so this project never fully came to fruition ).